Life Organizing Services

Personal organization, process development, life organization - MAXIMIZE! will help you get it together.

See our areas of specialty, and learn more about our professional "life" organizing services!

Professional Development Services
Resume review, interviewing and interpersonal skills, public speaking training, MAXIMIZE! can help you make the most of your opportunity!

My professional development expertise can help you exceed on the job. Click here to see how MAXIMIZE! can help you!
Business Process and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Services

MAXIMIZE! can create and document your business processes. And, MAXIMIZE! can help your business be more effective with critical MBTI training and analysis.

Learn more about our business process consulting services, and our MBTI training sessions here.

Debbie Feinberg brings over 8 years in professional experience - from consulting to corporate relations to operations management for large and small consulting organizations. You'll experience that professionalism first hand with explicit project agreement, understanding target outcomes, and clearly setting and communicating realistic deadlines and goals. Experience the MAXIMIZE! difference: the skills you expect and the professionalism you deserve.

Your dreams are not out of reach! Through a meticulous interview at the outset of the project, and touch-and-go reviews on your project status, I will ensure those dreams are realized completely.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
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